3 Aug

Ways to Maintain Your Upholstery

It is usually a challenge finding the right upholstery for your furniture, and many people find it a blessing when they get the right upholstery that matches their living spaces and is comfy. But like all the surfaces and fabrics, upholstery gathers dust and starts fading after some time, losing its initial color and glory.

It is good, therefore, to know a few tips that you can use for DIY upholstery care because they will help you maintain the furniture in perfect condition. It also ensures that the furniture stays attractive for long.

So, let us look at the tips for maintaining your upholstery the right way.

Decipher the Labels

Upholstery manufacturers readily provide information on how to maintain the upholstery. It advisable that you pay some attention to this advice. The different materials that make up the upholstery are cleaned in various ways, so if you aren’t so sure how to maintain the furniture in the best way, you need to check out the info online and use it to maintain the fabric the right way.

Once you understand what to do with the fabric, you won’t have trouble maintaining it. Many homeowners have issues with fabrics that they clean the wrong way, meaning that the fabric fades very fast.

Choose Upholstery that Fits Your Style

The upholstered furniture is better maintained by using a certain type of fabric as compared to other types. Using upholstery is also another way to protect the furniture is to use the right kind of fabric as well. In addition, the fabric also makes the furniture look great.

If you are looking for a way to maintain a classy look, then leather can work much better than fabric, especially in dusty places. Fabric upholstery gathers dust more easily than leather, and leather can be easily cleaned, all you need is a wet cloth for wiping it down.

On the downside, leather gathers dust more easily since it isn’t breathable. So, if you are planning to take a nap on the leather sofa more often, leather isn’t the best choice for upholstery.

Vacuum Regularly

Another effective way to keep upholstery clean is to use a vacuum cleaner, probably a mini version to suck up the dust, dead skin cells, dirt, and allergens. Some of the vacuum cleaners come with a shampoo application mechanism that means you can wash and vacuum the upholstery at the same time. For this task though, make sure the cleaning solution is compatible with the type of fabric.

If you don’t own a mini vacuum, then go for a gently brush to remove dust and dirt. If you decide to take this route, then stay away from tough brushes because they ruin the upholstery fiber.

Spray Paint the Upholstery

There is nothing better than taking the upholstery back to its glory days. With the right type of spray paint from FabricSpray, you can take the upholstery from drab to classy.

You also need to find out a few tips on how to paint the upholstery the right way, because each type needs a specific approach. The color you choose also matters a lot. If you need to maintain the same color, then you should find the right color. Spray painting needs to be done on thin layers, and you need to wait till a layer dries before you can apply another layer.

Final Words

Your upholstery helps protect the furniture and make it more attractive. You need to take time to understand the various approaches to cleaning the fabric or leather. You also need to know when to repaint the leather, and how to do it the right way.

15 Jul

Impact of Back Pain on Your Business

The incidence of back pain has grown rapidly over the past few years. The severity of the cases has also increased, which means those that experience back pain are increasingly seeking medical attention.

However, while any seek medical attention, they forget to find out what caused the issue in the first place.

But unknown to them, low back pain has a huge impact on healthcare costs and productivity in the workplace. The total cost to the company amounts to thousands of dollars for 100 employees each year. This includes both disabilities as well as direct medical claims. You need to take steps to increase the health of your employees to make them more productive and happier.

Low back pain is a huge contributor to the rising costs of healthcare the world over. With millions a year going towards back pain related cases, there is little to show that the cases are reducing. Organizations must, therefore, be proactive if they wish to reduce these costs.

So, how does low back pain impact the workplace?

Productivity Costs

Though the medical costs are huge, the productivity costs are much higher. The loss in productivity results due to the following:


When employees don’t attend work due to illness, there are a lot of costs due to lost wages. Studies show that workers that suffer from back pain are absent on average four days more each year as compared to those employees that don’t suffer from back pain.

Then there are those that are present but don’t deliver the same results that you used to get out of them. They attend work when they are sick, and result in costs that are nearly as much as when they are absent.

When workers are uncomfortable or distracted due to pain, they won’t focus on the task at hand at all; instead, they look for ways to live out the day to earn.

Employees who suffer from back pain also suffer from chronic fatigue and depression. Both of these conditions reduce the productivity in your workplace.

Increase in Turnover Rate

Poor health that is caused by back pain can have other negative effects as well. This could lead to a reduction in satisfaction, a high turnover rate, and low creativity. The lack of new ideas in the workplace means you won’t have new things coming up in the business.

What Causes the Increase in Back Pain at The workplace?

As mentioned earlier, the incidence of low back pain is on the rise, and this is attributed to various causes. The rate of the condition has increased across all ages regardless of their race. Previously, it was related to obesity, but as the days go by doctors are finding more cases arising due to the use of technology. More and more cases are reported in those workers that sit at their desks the whole day in front of the monitor.

What Can You Do

As an employer, you have the responsibility of making sure your business doesn’t suffer because of back pain. What you need to do is to provide an environment where the risk of back pain is nil. Take time to come up with workstations configured to make working easier. Encourage your workers to take frequent breaks, and offer them ergonomic chairs for their workstations. You can also offer infrared heating pads, which you can read about on Free Your Spine.

In Closing

The losses you encounter due to back pain in the workplace are numerous. You need to make sure you find a way to evaluate the workplace and find ways to prevent the cases from happening. It takes time, but it is worth a try.

28 Jun

4 Instagram Hacks to Boost Your Engagement

It is a fact – everyone is looking for a way to increase their engagement levels on Instagram.

Traditionally, it was easy to get a high level of engagement with just a few posts, but this has changed since the Instagram algorithm came to light. Users are using all kinds of approaches, from Stories to regular posts but the engagement levels aren’t rising.

With Instagram working on a new algorithm, we hope that the situation will change. Till then, you need to use the following hacks to get to where you want to be.

Why Is Everything Different in 2018?

Getting the right engagement levels used to be simple and straightforward, because as long as you had comments and likes, your engagement levels shot through the roof.

However, things changed, and now you don’t have the same success. The number of views now means something different. It now depends on the time the audience checks out your content, and how they react to it in the first few hours.

Use Instagram Stories

One of the ways to increase the engagement is with your loyal followers. Once you know what kind of information they love, you can use this information to create content for Instagram stories. Instagram Stories help you to get the attention of your users for the whole day and night.

Users can get more time to engage with your brand, watch the content that you have come up with and learn more regarding the products or services that you offer.

Add Calls to Action (CTAs)

The audience on Instagram likes it when you are direct and straightforward. You need to tell them what you want and let them make the ultimate decision. Many followers don’t check out your profile once they follow you; therefore you need to encourage them to check out what you have posted because you might not exist if you don’t remind them that you do.

The need to tell the audience what to do is your secret weapon to achieve your goals. For instance, if you need more traffic to your site, you need to tell the users to head there.

Switch to a Business Profile

There are millions of personal profiles on Instagram that are getting little to no visits at all. What you need to do in this case is to switch to a business account. The business account tells the audience that you are serious about what you are doing, and you also get a lot of analytic tools that aren’t available on a personal account.

So, what do you do with these tools? The analytic tools give you vital statistics regarding your profile. You get to know what the users love so that you can modify your actions to give them what they needs.

Instagram business profiles give you access to other Instagram features. These features help build the Instagram engagement, such as adding a link to your Instagram Stories. You can also tag some specific products or services in your posts so that your audience can shop for the products right from the profile.

Know When to Post

The right posting time attracts more people to your posts, as compared to posting at the wrong times. Schedule your posts so that you don’t forget to deliver the content when the audience is online and active.

In Conclusion

Income Artist tells you more on what to do to boost your engagement. The more the likes, comments, and shares you get on your content, the more credible you look in the eyes of the audience. Take time to use these hacks to stay relevant in your niche.

21 Jun

Using Twitter Search to Grow Your Audience

Did you know that people send over 700 million tweets a day! This is a lot. The good thing is that Twitter makes it easy for you to navigate through these tweets and find information that is most valuable to you.

Today we look at Twitter search, and how you can use it to get the information you need to build your following the right way.

Remember it is not what you are searching for on Twitter, but how you conduct the search that matters.

Search for Your Brand or Company

It is recommended that you start the search with your company or brand to see how this function works.

The way you conduct the search can show you a lot of things and can tell you a lot depending on what you are looking for, and how you do it.

Say you have a company called fashionformen, a search might return thousands of results, and the search results will show everything that includes the term. This can be frustrating for most of the twitter users who are looking for your company.

Users even won’t be able to find the relevant discussions about any industry or your company for that matter.

If you need to get more information for such a phrase, you need to make it more specific and know how to use the advanced search feature.

If the name of the business is made of more than one phrase, then you can add quotation marks to the search. For instance “Fashion for men,” will make Twitter return the exact phrase and ignore others where individual words appear separately.

Search for Users Who are Tweeting or Retweeting Your Content

Another way you can use the search feature is to find out all the people that are sharing the content.

Remember that not everyone adds your twitter handle in their tweets when they decide to share your content. This way you can find the retweets that never show up in your interactions at all.

You can also use this tip to know who is sharing the competitors’ content on Twitter. Once you have identified these users, you can infiltrate the online communities and redirect them to your page.

With the search results, you can follow the audiences of your competitor and target them as well. Additionally, once you know the people who are sharing the content, you can send them a thank you message telling them how you appreciate their help. Once you know the kind of people that appreciate your content, you can add them to your Twitter marketing list. Use the list to engage with your audience in future, and promote products as well.

Know What Your Audience Talks About

At times, you wish to jump right into the conversations of your audience. You are looking for a way to see what users are talking about. Once you know what people are talking about, you can take part in the conversation or come up with a new conversation along the same lines.

You can also search for the conversations that are happening in your niche or near you. This is great if you are a local business seeking to engage with your potential customers in a niche or region.

Hashtags For Likes helps you make use of the advanced search tool, making it easy to grow your following. You can check it out at

The Bottom-line

When you use the advanced search feature, you have the opportunity to get information that wouldn’t be available in normal circumstances. This helps you grow your Twitter following the best way.

28 May

How to Style your Hair with a Hair Dryer

There are a large number of hair styling tools on the market these days. Sometimes we really are spoilt for choice. Hair straighteners,flat irons, curling wands,curling tongs, crimpers,and the good old hairdryer. But has the hair dryer gone out of fashion? Do we still need hair dryers with all the other hair styling gadgets for us to choose from? The good news is you don’t actually need all the wands and tongs to style your hair. You can style your hair with a hair dryer no matter whether you want it straight or curly. No need to buy multiple gadgets. Just choose the one tool to do it all.

Before you start learning how to style your hair, you need a good hairdryer. If you’ve had your current hair dryer for a few years, you may be surprised at how technology has moved on. Stop splashing out on expensive salonstyling and treat yourself to an effective hairdryer. This will give you just the same effect, once you know how to use it correctly. Do your research and find a specialist site that can give you guidance on which are the best hair dryers to buy. It’s great to see sites that offer information and reviews to help you find the best hair dryer no matter what type of hair you have.

How to Dry Your Hair

Once you have your perfect hair dryer, you need to learn how to blow dry your hair perfectly. The way you blow dry your hair can make your style or break your style. Get the blow-drying technique right from the start, and you will have a hairstyle that looks like you walked straight out of a salon.

  • Microfibre towel. Towel dry your hair. A microfiber towel is the best type of towel you can use.
  • Let your hair air dry before tackling it with the hairdryer. Aim to dry it by about 70% before you turn to the hair dryer.
  • Section your hair into smaller sections to make drying easier. Aim to have at least four quarters but if your hair is thick you will need more sections.
  • Start drying from root to tip. Make sure that you always point the dryer nozzle downwards. Drying from root to tip will help smooth the cuticles of your hair and create shine.
  • Vented brush. A vented brush is the best type of hairbrush to use with your hair dryer.

Your style of hair will dictate how you dry your hair.


If you have short hair you may not want to bother with drying it using a hairdryer. However, if you let your hair dry naturally it can end up looking flat and limp. Blow drying your hair when it is short gives you extra volume and bounce.


If you have a bob hairstyle this can look great when dried with a hairdryer. Your hair will be smooth but still have volume. Use a round brush and you can curl the ends under.

Long Layers

If you have a layered look and your hair is medium or long, you will need to be patient when drying your hair. If you blow dry your hair while using a paddle brush your hair will look sleek and glossy.


If you want to dry your hair and have wavy locks you can do that with a hair dryer too. All you need is some mousse. Once you have applied the mousse to your hair, use a round brush to make some loose waves. An even easier way to make your hair wavy is to plait it before drying it. Once you release the plaits, you will have lovely waves.


If you have curly hair or even frizzy hair, then don’t think that the only way you can straighten your hair is using hair straighteners. To straighten your hair with a blow-dryer you’ll need a round brush and some straightening balm.

If you use the round brush from the roots to the ends you will be able to straighten sections of your hair. Make sure that you keep your hair taut and distribute the heat evenly. If you do this in sections, you will have straight hair without worrying about using straighteners.