Getting the Best Mattress for Your Child

17 Sep

Getting the Best Mattress for Your Child

Children spend approximately 12 hours sleeping on their mattress. For them to enjoy a quality sleep, you need to ensure that you get them a mattress that is both safe and comfortable. Remember, children keep growing each day and having a wonderful sleep is one of the things that contribute to their physical and brain development.
Mattress brands that contain harmful chemicals are not good at all, as this can be risky for the child’s development. When choosing the type of mattress to purchase for your children, here are some factors that you need to look at.

The Size

A single mattress size is the most common for children’s beds. Because they are small, they do not need to own a large bed. Choose a bed and mattress that leaves room for your child to play and store their toys. Some children may also prefer to do their homework and do other interesting activities on their beds. As a parent, the decision to get a large or small bed for your child depends on you. However, always ensure that there is enough space for your child to play.


Children’s mattresses are used more often and may be bound to frequent wear and tear. Instead of buying a cheap yet less durable mattress, invest in one that is durable and can withstand your child’s daily activities. Latex mattresses are among the many brands that are highly durable. Check out for options that come with a removable mattress cover as this makes the mattress easy to maintain.


Just like adults, children need to obtain a high level of comfort from their mattresses. This is good for a healthy spine and joints. A soft mattress makes it difficult for your child to sleep soundly. You also want your child to enjoy a cool environment when sleeping. This is why you should consider air circulation when making your choice.
Again, latex mattresses offer the best features in terms of breathability. The mattress has its pinholes distributed at great intervals. It also has an open cell construction, which ensures that your baby gets a wonderful sleep.

Mould and Mite Resistance

Only a few mattresses can resist molds and dust mites. Highly humid areas often promote the growth of mold, and when selecting a mattress for your child, you must ensure that it is resistant. This will keep your child in perfect health and make you spend less on maintenance. Dust mites come with several unpleasant symptoms that you would not wish your child to encounter.

So get a mattress that is resistant to them as well. Keep off mattress brands that use harsh chemicals to keep dust mites and mold away. You do not want your child to develop complications from inhaling these chemicals.

Consider Your Child’s Allergies

If your child has any special needs, consider them before getting them a mattress. Find out the type of material used to make the mattress and whether it has any allergens. Check out some of the greatest non-allergenic options on the market and see if you can afford one. A child with joint-related illness may need a specialized kind of mattress. You can get medical personnel to recommend the best type of mattress for this condition, plus any other that your child may be suffering from.


The best mattress is one made from natural materials. Such a mattress does not contain any chemicals or mould inhibitors. Avoid synthetic mattresses because these may be accompanied by unpleasant odors. Most of these are highly flammable, less comfortable and soft. Some organic mattresses are wonderful and environmentally friendly. They are thus safe and convenient for your child.

Level of Comfort

Your child’s mattress is useless if it cannot provide sufficient comfort and sleep. Children are most active during the day and need to sleep soundly at night. Whatever mattress you choose has to soothe your child and make him or her to relax the entire night. A child who gets enough rest at night will be less fussy and more relaxed during the day. This gives you enough time to concentrate on your other activities for the day. Check out for an inspiration on the type of mattress to buy.

In Conclusion

Some of the most expensive mattresses are not as comfortable. All your child needs is a comfortable, hygienic, firm and chemical free mattress for their night. As you may have learned, a child who sleeps well at night will have a better attention span, and this may translate into improved scores at school.