A Review – The Oster 6-Speed Hand Mixer

A Review – The Oster 6-Speed Hand Mixer


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I couldn’t decide between a stand mixer or a hand mixer. Hand mixers can be a brilliant for beating cake batter, whisking up egg whites, making cream or kneading dough. On balance, I decided on a hand mixer because not only the price but versatility. I don’t have a lot of space in my kitchen. One thing to remember is the mixer needs to be comfortable to hold and comes with all the attachments you need. You also need to think about how easy it is to clean and store and whether you may in fact require a stand mixer instead, you might, I am ok with a hand mixer. Here is my favourite choice and the one I bought with the help of Mixer Picks.

Oster 6-Speed Hand Mixer

The specs:

– 250 Watt Motor
– Low speed start prevents splattering and provides greater control
– 6 Adjustable Speeds
– Retractable Cord
– Chrome Beaters/Whisk

Nice to look at:

The design of this model appealed to me not only because it got great reviews but because it is sturdy, durable and looks nice in your kitchen.  The design is sleek and modern looking. It is easy to clean and comes apart easily. It has a retractable cord and every part goes on or come off with ease.

In Reality

There are multiple speeds. The slow start is great for me, as I forget to start off at a reduced speed and the amount of times I have been covered in flour, egg and other things that should stay in the bowl, is off the scale.  The slow start option is awesome, you start off slow and gradually work your way through the variable speeds as appropriate.
The machine is easy to use, which is great as I am not the only one using it. My son uses it to make things for various charity events at school to sell on a stall.

The retractable cord appealed to me because I don’t have that much space so when I am not using it will be packed away in my kitchen cupboard.

Easy to clean. The main body of the mixer just wipes clean, very easily in fact and the attachments come away from the mixer easily and are all dishwasher safe. Baking, making dough, mixing up cream etc. can be messy. We all have busy lives so the less work the better for all of us.

It is lightweight too. If you use a handmixer a lot, you will know that weight is important. The heavier it is the more cumbersome it can be and uncomfortable to use.


A benefit of this machine is it cleans easily, it also has a retractable cord which helps with space saving. Other benefits are that it works beautifully, all parts are dishwasher safe so it is easy to keep clean,

Apart from not being able to talk to anyone whilst using this machine, a bit noisy. All in all I don’t really see any downsides to this mixer. It is mid-range price and as a heavy user, I would say it does everything I ask of it.


As a mixer it does anything you could possibly ask of it. It has multiple speeds so you can adjust the speed for whatever you are mixing. It is reliable and easy to clean. The retractable cord is great as they sometimes get in the way when not in use. For a mid-range, mid-price machine, I cannot recommend it enough. I hope my review helps you out with your final decision. Good luck!