AmazonBasics Dual Door Metal Dog Crate

AmazonBasics Dual Door Metal Dog Crate


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This versatile dog crate is a crucial tool to assist in the teaching of house training while setting rules and boundaries to help your pet adjust to life in his or her new home. It’s the perfect size for puppies and adult dogs alike and offers durable convenience and adaptability to accommodate your pet as they grow into their own and the routines that you set forth in the relationship. Consumers will love this metal dog crate for the assistance it provides in training and your pet will love it as a safe, secure place to rest and relax anytime of the day or night.


Dual Entry For Better Accessibility


AmazonBasics has equipped this crate with a pair of swing-open doors, the first being a traditional front access door with an additional side door located along the left side panel. This makes it easier for both you and your pet to get in and out of the crate, providing quick ingress for your dog and simple access for you to clean the pan and rearrange bedding and refill food bowls. Each door comes with a slide-bolt latch to ensure secure confinement and thwart even the most clever pooch’s escape plans.

Ready to Take On Any Dog

A good dog crate needs to be durable, versatile, and above all, safe. So that’s why AmazonBasics has made their metal-wire crate with rounded corners to help protect pets while providing plenty of  strength and ventilation. Even more important, perhaps, is the visibility the crate offers. Your pet is going to want to be able to see you and know you can see them, keeping them reassured and comfortable. Size also matters when you’re crating your dog, especially for puppies. That’s why the included divider panel helps to reduce the size of the crate as needed for smaller dogs who are still growing and placement of the panel can be easily adjusted to set up the ideal living space. Limiting the amount of space will prevent the puppy from going to the bathroom in the crate.

Folds Easy for Set-up and Storage

This crate is a cinch to set up and you don’t even need any tools to get it done. You just lay it flat, unfold and set all the panels and apply the top to make it a full enclosure. When you’re done using it, just break down and store away. That makes it great for portability and easy assembly when you need to travel with it. There’s a fully washable plastic pan along the bottom of the crate which is easy to clean in case there’s an accident or a spill. It’s among the most convenient and affordable crates we’ve found here at Pets Sensation.

Summing Up

AmazonBasics offers this basic dog crate to provide all of the simple necessities you expect from a well designed and strong enclosure. The adjustable divider is a big help for puppy training and the strength and construction can stand up to the demands of older, larger dogs who will use the crate as a safe and secure bed.