Black & Decker RC3406 3-Cup Dry/6-Cup Cooked Rice Cooker Review


Black & Decker RC3406 3-Cup Dry/6-Cup Cooked Rice Cooker Review

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Rice cooker reviews aren’t the most entertaining reviews on the planet, nobody goes in thinking “hey, maybe I’ll find the best rice cooker review that anybody has ever prepared today!”. I wish people did, but they don’t, and I’m going to write this anyways. I’m not the only source of rice cooker reviews, however, as you can check out the page called “Rice Cookers Portal” for a little more depth. Head over now to see what they’re all about, that is, if you feel like my review isn’t sufficient enough. I’ll do my best to run you through the features quickly, and you can make the decision for yourself after you’ve heard me out. I’m not a salesman, but dammit, I should be one!

Rice Cooker Features

The logo on this product might be different depending on the year that your particular purchase was manufactured, but everything else will remain the same. It’s not like you’ll be getting a defective rice cooker if its from a certain year, so that’s good. There’s a rice measure provided that holds around 2/3 cups of uncooked rice, which would be about 5 ounces or 150 grams. It can also cook around 3 measures of uncooked rice and come up with a yield of 6 cups cooked. There’s a stay cool lid handle that means you’ll never burn your hands trying to get to the good stuff, as well as “cook” and “warm” lights. The glass lid is tempered and has a steam vent, and this cooker also has a keep-warm mode present. Everything is built to meet NAES (North American Electrical Standards), so it’s a high quality cooker for sure.

To Use or Not to Use?

Why I Bought It

I liked all of the features, I liked how there was a 5 ounce (or 150 gram) measure cup that would give me accurate amounts of rice every single time. The stay cool lid never lead me to burn my hand, and the indicator lights were useful when it came to alerting me of my finished rice. All of this came in one handy package, and it only cost me $13.88 – its on sale right now, but its still pretty affordable at the regular price (which would be $24.99).

Why You Might Not Buy It

You’re not me, and that’s fine. There are rice cookers out there that have way more features than this one, and even have programmable settings that allow you to cook vegetables and such with ease. It can be harder with this one, but I found the price hard to beat, you might not feel the same way.

The Finale

After everything I’ve listed, this is a rice cooker that has stuck by me through even the toughest dinner days around. I love rice, and that means I need a great rice cooker to keep my meals tasting delicious. I made the right choice in this case, and who knows, you might too.