Briggs & Stratton Home Series 5000 Portable Generator


Briggs & Stratton Home Series 5000 Portable Generator

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There are so many things to worry about when the power goes out. You can’t use anything in the house since so much of what we rely on every day is powered by electricity. TV, computer, the kitchen blender, all that food is going bad in the fridge, and when the sun goes down you’re stuck in the dark reading by candlelight like you were stuck in the 18th century. Nobody has time for that, so the Briggs and Stratton 5000 is a unit you might want to invest in, one of the best portable generators on the market right now.  This 5,000 watt portable generator is powerful enough to keep the typical home juiced up so that the lights can come back on standard appliances running as normal for an extended period of time. You have five outlets to work with and it’s easily portable design lets you take it along with you to any outdoor recreational activities as well. It’s a highly versatile unit that is also incredibly fuel efficient. So it’s a win-win.

Ready for the Long Haul

The 5000 has been equipped with the Briggs & Stratton 1650 Series engine, ready and able to supply power wherever, whenever, and for days at a time if need be.  You get five outlets here, 4 120-Volt outlets and a single 120/240-Volt 30-amp locking outlet with circuit breaker protection, so you have a variety of options as to what you can keep powered while the electric company works on the problem. The 1650 engine is capable of 16.5-foot-pounds of torque and it has a 5 gallon fuel tank that can keep the unit running for up to 10 hours of continuous operation at half load.

There’s even an on-board hour meter to help you monitor the total operating hours on the unit, so you can perform the proper scheduled maintenance and keep the generator in top working condition. The fuel efficiency is a key selling point here because the less fuel you need to use the better since getting more gasoline can prove difficult if not nearly impossible in a blackout. Fuel pumps run on the same electricity that your house currently lacks.

What Else is There on the 5000?

There are many benefits here and one critical drawback. For the plus side, the 5000’s Power Surge Alternator lets you run multiple large appliances and start them up for surge intervals without losing power to the other devices that are plugged in. There’s also a super Lo-Tone Muffler to keep the generator running quietly without waking up the entire neighborhood and B&S even include a bottle of engine oil for easy maintenance. Speaking of oil, the one major negative about the 5000 is that it lacks a low-oil shutdown sensor, which is designed to shut off the engine when it senses that oil levels are too low. Without it, you really must be very diligent to make sure there’s enough oil in the engine or you could severely damage the unit. That’s why the hours meter is there, to help you stay on top of it.

Summing Up

The 5000 is a terrific machine that is fuel efficient and able to run longer and smarter than most of the other units out there. With a price tag of around $650 at most online retailers, this is not only an efficient unit it also offers tremendous value for what you’ll pay to own one.