Cuisinart TOB-40 Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler Review


Cuisinart TOB-40 Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler Review

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Broiling Is Possible?

Yeah, you can finally broil with the use of a toaster oven. Cuisinart is always going to bring the best cookware and appliances (relating to your kitchen) to market, and it’s my duty to review as many as I can. I wish that everyone knew just how much a toaster oven could change the way they look at preparing meals, most of the time I find myself saving at least 30 minutes when I  use this toaster oven. If the time saving aspect wasn’t enough, it just works wonders in regards to cooking – I’ve yet to burn anything! I do owe most of that to the skills I have in the kitchen, though.

Now, you can broil with a toaster oven as well. Broiling is pretty much cooking the top layer of a specific food, which is useful for when you’ve got pizza or pie (or anything that’s dough with an abundance of toppings on the top layer).

Product Features

Although this isn’t, I still feel the need to list the product features as best as I can. You have 1800 watts of power to toast with, as well as bagel, bake and broil. The interior of this toaster oven is fully sized, and can hold about 11 inches of pizza (and 6 individual slices of toast). The front is utilizing stainless steel to battle the test of time, and there are easy grip dials with a rubber finish to them. The cool touch handle puts burning your hands and fingers out of the equation, and you can remove the front tray as you please. The interior is non-stick, so it can be cleaned without any real hassle. The automatically sliding out side rack is use for hands-free loading, as well as removing your cooked foods easily.


It’s a toaster oven that will make sure your toast is well accounted for, and it provides a decent amount of power as well. A lot of toaster ovens lack a decent amount of power, and that’s going to translate to the amount of time it takes to cook certain foods – this isn’t the case here. The interior is definitely large and has a lot of space to work with, and the automatic shut off feature keeps this toaster oven safer than the word safe itself.


I wish that this toaster oven came with two interchangeable racks, as I found that I’ve had to clean the rack inside of this toaster oven a few times already. I’ve only used the oven once or twice, and I like them clean, so maybe I’m just being over-dramatic.

Toaster Summary

It’s a great toaster oven that’s been reliable on more than a few separate occasions for me, so I would say it comes highly recommended. You never know when you’ll need to bust out that amazing garlic bread, so have the right toaster oven on stand-by.