GoWise USA 6-in-1 Electric Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker Review

GoWise USA 6-in-1 Electric Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker Review


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It is not easy buying for someone and when considering appliances, it’s even more difficult to choose the right one. If you’re buying for your own home, maybe a spouse, or a loved one, then you already have an idea in mind of what type of appliance that you are looking for. Why not purchase something that can do multiple things so that the entire house can use it. A pressure cooker is a great choice because not only can this GoWise unit pressure cook foods but it can also slow cook them.

Features and Design

This stainless steel pressure cooker is ideal for anyone who does not want to purchase several items to create their dinner. This 3 quart unit, as previously mentioned, can be used as a pressure cooker or a slow cooker and can do roasts, turkeys, casseroles, and so much more. There are six different functions, hence the name 6-in-1. These functions include low pressure, high pressure, brown, steam, warm, and slow cook. The LCD display screen shows four numbers at a time making it great for needed a specific temperature or time.

The Good about this Unit

This pressure cooker has been noted as a great unit due to its fast cooking speeds and the inability to become confused on such an easy to use unit. With a push of a button, and a switch of steam, you can have any meal cooked in an hour or two. This GoWise unit is fairly cheap considering you’d pay three times the amount if you were to order it off television or purchase it from a local store. When any issues arise, the customer service for this product is exceptional, many consumers claim. Sturdy and reliable, this unit can be used for ages with the proper maintenance.

The Bad and the Ugly about this Unit

A downfall for this pressure cooker is that it is only a 3 quart unit. Some people find that this is too small for their family, or too much for one person. The manual does not have a cooking chart for the different types of foods you can cook and how to properly do so. Some consumers believe this chart should be implemented in the manual for all to be able to use as a resource when beginning with this pressure cooker. The worst report came when consumers reported electric pressure cooker reviews against the lid, which is supposed to be stainless steel, but claim it rusted after their very first use.


With thousands of recipes out there regarding pressure cooking and slow cooking, there is no excuse why every household should not own one. The joys of being able to put a large roast on and forget about it until time to remove, is fabulous. Households who have a pressure cooker, or those who do not, may consider this as a great replacement or novice purchasing decision. Create an aroma throughout your home that will bring the neighbors knocking with this pressure cooking unit.