Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable Clear Ice Maker, 28-Pound Review


Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable Clear Ice Maker, 28-Pound Review

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An ice maker is a great addition to any household or small business. If you constantly have company over, it would be nice when filling up cups with cold refreshing cubes. If you’re on the go to a family event, you can bring the ice with a portable ice maker. It can be used on several occasions and cut the cost of purchasing bags of ice in half. Owning an ice maker can make life for everyone easier, because its quick to produce and it’s less hassle than those old ice trays that always seem to never work out.

Features and Capacity

This stainless steel portable ice maker is ideal for large households or small business that require beautiful, crystal clear ice. This unit can produce up to approximately twenty-eight pounds each day. The controls are easy to work by pushing which one matches your needs. The display screen that is located on the top of the machine, displays to the user whether it is low and needs a refill on water, or if the machine has completed ice making because it is full. The bin inside can be removed for easy cleaning or access to the ice. Included with the machine in purchase, is an ice scoop.

The Positives of the IM200SS

The IM200SS does not have any plumbing features on it, which makes it very handy. Therefore, it can be plugged into a socket and start working immediately. The stainless steel looks great in any area of your home or business. The quality of ice that it produces is better than an ice tray. The ice comes out clear instead of foggy, or smoke like. The ease of use has also been a factor that many consumers have keyed in on. Another wonderful aspect of the IM200SS unit is that when the icemaker is full, any melted ice will be returned as water to make more.

The Negatives of the IM200SS

The IM200SS unit makes a lot of ice quickly and sometimes it will melt in two to three hours if you do not transfer it over to a freezer unit. This can be great for parties that ice is constantly being used for. Some consumers have mentioned that the 28 pound ice maker is in fact not truly a portable ice maker, because it is heavy when filled with ice. However, some have mentioned that it is a great option for a RV. The ice scoop has been reported as being too flimsy for the scooping of ice, per consumer reports.

In Conclusion

The upcoming football game, graduation party, birthday event, or other special occasion could be much easier with a portable ice maker such as the IM200SS. Traveling or camping could also be a wonderful experience if you allow the ice maker to tag along in the RV or prepackaged ice from the original ice maker at home. There are several uses for an ice maker, it can be used in mixed drinks, to make hot drinks cooler, or it can be used to serve several guests in a matter of minutes.