Roker S-Cannon Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Roker S-Cannon Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review


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Listening to music is one of lives simple pleasures and thankfully in this day and age it is incredibly easy to do! Thanks to the rise of mobile phones and other similar devices, we always have all of the music we could possibly want in our pockets, and as a result, listening to your favourite song has never been easier. However, music is made to be shared amongst friends and this is a pretty difficult thing to do with just a pair of headphones or on the tinny sounding speakers that are normally built into phones. This is where the wireless Bluetooth speakers come into their element, but there are a lot to choose from so things can get confusing and you need to make sure you get it right. So, with that in mind today we are going to look at the Roker S-Cannon Wireless Bluetooth Speaker!

So what features does it have?

To kick things off, the Roker has a Red Dot Award winning design which does make it stand out from its competitors somewhat. It has a unique alloy housing around the majority of the speaker and a plastic base for added support. This device supports Bluetooth version 3.0 which as the most recent version of the technology should mean that you’ll never lose connection. Another feature this speaker has that few others do is the built in hands-free function which means you can answer your calls without delay and having to disconnect from the speaker. The other feature of note is the lithium-ion battery which can last for up to 5 hours when being used.

The positive points

One thing you want in a portable speaker is for it to be small and easily fit in your bag, and the Roker does just that. It only measures 2 and a quarter inches in diameter by 2 inches high, so you won’t even notice that it is there most of the time! It is a well build speaker, and the sound quality is second to none for a device of its size so it has a lot going for it!

The negative points

There are not a lot of bad points about the Roker, but the one that has come up from a couple of customers is the fact that the battery is not as good as the rest of the machine. Lasting for 5 hours is ok, but other speakers last longer, and once the battery is finished there is no way of replacing it in this speaker.


All in all, you are getting a very nice little speaker for your money should you decide to take a closer look at the Roker. It is built to a high standard, the sound quality is excellent when compared to most others, and the Bluetooth technology inside it means that you should never lose connectivity no matter how far away you go (up to around 30 feet). If however you would like to compare this speaker to others, you can do so here at Speaker Digital.