Seiberton Motorbike Backpack Review

Seiberton Motorbike Backpack Review


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There is nothing more freeing that being able to take a motorbike out of the garage and set off on the road. It is said to be one of the best ways to get around as you are closer to everything that is going on in the world and are not surrounded by four doors as you are in a car. Now whilst motorbikes are a great way to get from A to B, they do come with some issues. The biggest of these is luggage space. When on a motorbike the places you can put your laptop and other things are limited if non existent and that is why you need to think outside the box. This is where motorcycle backpacks come in, and more specifically the Seiberton backpack.

So tell me a little more about the features it has.

The biggest feature the Seiberton has going for it is its space. If you pack well you should be able to get up to five days worth of clothes inside it! This does require some element of skill on your behalf, but as it measures 11 x 11 x 9 inches, there should be plenty of room for whatever you would like to place in the bag. It weighs a minimal 2.8 pounds so you will not know you’re holding it, and it is even splash-proof meaning your important documents will stay safe in any light drizzle.

What’s so good about it?

Anyone who rides a motorbike will know that size is very important. That is why the small stature of this bag is crucial. It is small enough to fit neatly on the riders back, but it is big enough to hold the right number of things to make itself useful. It has a waterproof element to it too, and some other bags that the Seiberton is competing against do not have this feature making it stand out a lot from them. Other useful features of this bag are the many pockets it has dotted around which add to the storage space available.

And what is not so good about it?

There are not a lot of negative points about the Seiberton as it does what it says on the tin and it does it well. However, that being said, some customers who have used this motorcycle bag for an extended period of time have noted that it has begun to rip slightly. This could well be due to the full throttle nature of motorcycle riding itself, but it is still something that you should keep an eye on when considering a purchase.

What’s the conclusion?

Biker Basics gives you an awesome choice of bags, but this is certainly one of the better ones that is available to buy today. It is not claiming to be anything fancier than it is, but you can be very sure that it will help you to get your things from A to B easily. It is a very handy backpack to have lying around, so get on your bike and get one!